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Find your niche in the climate economy, where it’s a win-win-win for climate-economy-humanity.

The climate is changing and so must we all. Change your brain, change your business. Reap the benefits.

The Climate Economy: A Primer

TheClimateEconomy.com is about new and changing business models that are a win-win-win for climate-economy-humanity. Here are some “wins” we can imagine that would be brought about by the climate economy:

  • Climate Wins: reduced pollution, safe drinking water, flourishing forests, biodiversity, stable climate
  • Economic Wins: regenerative agriculture, sustainable resource use, removal of inefficiencies, waste optimization, recycling
  • Human Wins: Purposeful work, community involvement, lifelong learning, better health

Businesses that aim for these wins will win the future! Upcoming generations will demand them.

People of every age, race, gender and political stripe can benefit from a transition to the climate economy. All areas of expertise will be needed. It’s about things you can do. The opportunities are literally infinite.

By developing businesses for the climate economy, you can make money, protect the environment for future generations, and improve lives. It’s a no-brainer! Or maybe just a new way of looking at things. It may be a matter of tweaking the way you do business today, or it could be the start of an entirely new venture. TheClimateEconomy.com is about working, making and servicing smarter to provide for your family and its future generations while helping to to improve the health of the planet. It’s a journey.

TheClimateEconomy.com provides a starting point for information about how you can get involved in the Climate Economy. We will cover many topics; we are not necessarily experts in all of them, but we can provide a starting point for you. There is something for everyone in TheClimateEconomy.com, and there are new ideas sprouting every day (we have a growing list). Do you have something you’d like us to explore, or a question about a post?  Email us.

Then you can move on to joining the discussions, posting your ideas, events, businesses and jobs, and being part of a community that’s on the right side of history.

Our Services

  • Education: Webinars about climate change and introduction to the climate economy for your group or business
  • Strategy: Market research and consultation for your specific business or group on the risks from climate change and the opportunities of the climate economy
  • Marketing: Website development and reconstruction, social media and advertising plans

Email theclimateeconomy@gmail.com or call (618) 713-2896 for more information.

Why We Do It

  1. We believe the shift to a clean, efficient, low-carbon economy is inevitable, is underway, and is improving economic opportunity, equality, jobs, resilience, prosperity and health outcomes. The opportunities are literally endless and available to anyone who desires to be a part of it. We definitely want to be a part of it!
  2. It’s an exciting time for education. Online learning will redefine the rigid, one-size-fits-all educational institutions of the past, and everyone will be enabled to uncover and nurture their strongest suits.
  3. Entrepreneurship is about to become everyone’s side job, and then their main job, if it isn’t already.

It’s transition time. We’ve been told for a long time that we have to do things a certain way, but actually we don’t. We can do things in a much better way that will benefit each and every one of us.

How to Get Started

  • Explore the Library, where you can find introductions to many Climate Economy ideas and concepts. Find your niche, and dig into it. Explore jobs, businesses and events.
  • Jump on board – become a member!  Then you can join discussions and groups, and post your events, jobs and business. (Note: events submitted without registration on the site will require admin approval before posting.)

Discover what moves you about the Climate Economy!  We’re here to help everyone who wants to be a part of The Climate Economy to find their niche and take their place in making history.

We are just getting started. It’s going to be an exciting time for current and future generations.

Disclaimer: We don’t know all, see all; we may make mistakes. We don’t necessarily endorse any technologies, ideas or companies that may be featured on the site. We reserve the right to monitor discussion boards and community areas for inappropriate content, and may remove content and users from the site if necessary. Be sure to read our Privacy Policy.

Questions or suggestions? Want to partner up? Email theclimateeconomy@gmail.com or call (618) 713-2896 for more information.



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